Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Assortment

Since this was my first Valentine's Day to make cookies, I made a bunch :) Here is a short list of the random hearts that came out of my kitchen this week...
These are on their way to a nursing home that takes care of our great aunt. I wasn't sure of the gender mix there so we wanted to do something a little less traditional pink and red. The text is done with stamps I found at a scrapbook shop, I love that I found multiple messages in the same style so they could say different things.
This was my first time playing with brush embroidery techniques. I wanted to do some simple, yet pretty, cookies for R.O.C.K Horses for Heroes that we were serving Valentine's Day dinner to. We had a set of cookies for each person waiting for them on their place setting at the table, I had a few left over that went home to spouses :)
These were my "have fun with left-over" cookies. I always make more cookies than I need (in case I stick a finger in one) so I had extra blanks. I just played with these and did something quick and simple. I'd never tried to do a scalloped border before but overall they were fun and I had extras to share with friends.

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