Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Mooses

My mother's nickname is "Moose." She's been called that for years, but recently my parent's decided to join the Moose Lodge, so now she's a double moose :) Her birthday was coming up and she'd given me this moose cookie cutter at Christmas "just in case I wanted to make some moose cookies" (hint, hint). So I decided to go for it. I took her moose head and added a party hat to it, then I took another moose cookie cutter I had and just used his antlers to attach to a cupcake. These also were my first attempt at chocolate chip cookie dough... well not my first attempt, but my first successful one. I didn't tell her they were coming, in fact I sent them late just so she wouldn't expect them. She thought they were hilarious and immediately took them to the lodge to share. I had a lot of great comments on these, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't the last moose birthday cookies I do.

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