Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday St. Patrick's Day cookies

I have a friend... she is from Jersey but she thinks she's from Ireland. She loves all things Irish, British, Scottish... basically anything with a European accent :) Her birthday is always just before St. Patrick's Day so in school we'd always buy up all the St. Patrick's Day decorations to use to decorate, even though we'd be a few weeks early. I saw these cookies on Lila Loa's blog (see posting here) and immediately thought of my friend and knew I had to try them. They are not as pretty as hers but I think these are super cute and really easy to recreate. She always tries to tell everyone that she has a friend that makes cookies. Even though she's never had one, I think she's my biggest fan... so it was about time she got to sample the product she's always talking about. I'll let you know how she liked them but I'm super excited to hear when she gets her box.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! What a kind and thoughtful friend to send a box of decorated, homemade cookies :O)

  2. clara colvinMarch 10, 2017

    Prettiest ones I've seen yet. Would like to know how to make them.