Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peek-a-boo Monsters

I got a call from the sweetest person to make her some cookies for a baby shower... the next day! She'd gotten my number from two separate people that morning because she'd been looking for someone to make her cookies for the past month with no luck and it just so happened I knew the girl making her cake AND the co-host was a past customer of mine... how could I say no? I told her I'd do my best as long as she was cool with just a few colors. Thankfully these guys were pretty simple to duplicate and overall they came out kinda cute. My son totally fell in love with the green striped guy (even though they orange guy was his favorite color).


  1. These cookies were the hit of the baby shower! And they were soooo yummy. sorry it took so long for me to respond (I am blog challenged!)And it was nothing short of a cookie miracle that you did them so quickly. Kudos to you my favorite cookie artist!By the way my grandson was born March 22nd! We will definintely be ordering more for his 1st birthday party!

  2. How much do you charge for these? we are having a peek a boo monster themed shower in March 2014.