Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Going in solo

Karl's mom volunteers for a program called Horses for Heros that operates here in Georgetown at The R.O.C.K. They provide therapy for veterans that are dealing with physical and emotional distress by giving them a place to meet and have a meal while working with horses to help them heal. The veterans get to work with the volunteers to ride horses together. She really enjoys it and I was looking for an excuse to go solo and make some cookies, so when they had a memorial day party I told her I'd make some cookies.

I couldn't of been happier with these. They took forever but they were worth the work and everyone there really enjoyed them which was awesome.

More pics here.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boys Night Out

Karl rarely gets to hang out with the guys so when his friend decided to have a poker night, Karl wanted to bring something fun... poker chip shaped cookies (and a few chocolate chip for good measure).

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to pull these off, but after a few (dozen) "boo-boo" cookies, we ended up with these. The guys seemed to really like them since none of them made their way back home, thank goodness for boo-boo cookies... without them I'd never get to try anything :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

First ever cookie class

First Cookie Class • All in one Bake Shop, Austin TX

9am began my adventure into an unknown realm of sweet treats. I'd always wanted to do something creative that I could eat and cookies seemed to be the perfect solution. My previous attempts at sugar cookies always seemed to fall flat... ever cut a cookie and it looks perfect going into the oven but turns into a giant unrecognizable blob when it comes out? That was the only experience I had with sugar cookies. Just being able to roll something out and have it come out of the oven exactly as it went in has been worth it's weight in powdered sugar. We got started and dove right into the decorating, I learned thinks like flooding, outlining, dragging, crazy star and leaf tips, color mixing... I was surprised at how easy it all seemed (but isn't everything easy when it's all laid out for you before hand). The class was super fun and I think everyone was pretty impressed at the way they came out for a first attempt, half of them didn't even make it home with all the hungry people willing to "test" them for me :)