Flavor options

Most Popular:
Vanilla bean
Black coco (this tastes just like the cookie part of an oreo)

Fun flavors:
Cinnamon Spice
Root beer... yes, root beer!

Dark Chocolate Mint
Eggnog (seasonal)
Orange Gingerbread
Lavender Honey
    (sounds strange but it is delicious, I recommend a lemon icing with this one)
Chocolate chip
Candy Cane (seasonal)
Mocha/Peppermint Mocha**
Red Velvet

**NEW for 2013

Right now I am happy to announce that I can make any of the above flavor Gluten Free as well, I have been playing around with a recipe and I think I've finally got it :)

I can offer these flavors, in any combination of cookie and icing flavor you wish but there is a minimum of 1 dozen cookies per flavor required.

Look for more seasonal flavors in the future. If you have any special requests please let me know, I will gladly try to make any flavor you desire.

Coming soon? (new flavors I want to try, if you're interested let me know)
Chocolate espresso
Pumpkin (low-fat)
Mexican hot-chocolate
Mint chocolate chip