Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The legendary taste of Crown with a touch of cookie

Have I mentioned before that I love adding alcohol to cookies? I don't know why but I really think most things take better with a touch of liquor. These were no exception. While I've done a few burbon/whiskey cookies in the past (here and here), Crown Royal has an identity all it's own. I made these for a friend of ours, Mr. Joe, the policeman. He is constantly trying to get my son to eat cupcakes and sweets for dinner instead of, you know... dinner. He's got the biggest sweet tooth I've ever seen and he loves Crown Royal so these were pretty much a no brainer. The logo cookies are based of a design they put on the bottom of their drinking glasses while the small purple crowns are supposed to represent the purple band seal they put on all the bottles. Pretty simple but I don't think they needed much... plus I had the bag, so how could I go wrong? Purple velvet bags make the best gift wrap, especially when they are filled with cookies.

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