Pricing Information

(example of standard size cookies as favors)

Since no two sugar cookies are created equal, I cannot confirm a set price for every cookie I make. I do not have a set of "stock" cookies that I like to make... each cookie is custom and unique to the person ordering it so please do not hesitate to make it personal.

Here is my basic pricing guideline:

Standard size cookies: starting at $42 per dozen
3-4 inches in size, minimum order of 1 dozen (12) cookies up to 3 designs per dozen. Additional designs available per request but may be an additional charge, or see platter options.

Cookie "bites": starting at $12.00/dozen
1-2 inches in size, minimum order of 2 dozen cookies if ordered alone (1 dozen minimum if ordered with full size cookies).

Large/Specialty cookies: Starting at $4.00 per cookie
No minimum if ordered with at least a dozen cookies total. These include anything over 5 inches, Logos, Characters, hand-cut cookie shapes (cut without a cookie cutter), and anything with an extraordinary amount of colors needed. Specialty cookies are priced on an individual basis and can be added or upgraded from your standard cookie, so don't be afraid to give me a call or email me and we can make your vision an edible treat for your eyes and your stomach.

Platters: starting at $40 per dozen
Variety of sizes and styles, minimum order of 1 dozen (12) cookies. Platters are designed at my digression and include a large variety of Standard, Bites and Specialty cookies to match your theme.

(example of standard cookies paired with cookie bites)

Prices increase based on complexity of design, cookie shape size and/or the amount of colors included. Multiple flavors can be added per dozen cookies (ie: if you have 2 dozen cookies you can have up to 2 flavors, 3 dozen can have 3 flavors, etc... of course you can always make them all the same flavor no matter how many you order). Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have to help figure out your cookie costs, I am pretty good at creative thinking so you give me your vision and I will try to help you fit that into your budget.

All sugar cookies come taped clear cellophane bag or stacked in a bakery box. You can add either a matching sticker/tag or a matching curling ribbon to the cellophane bags for $0.50 extra per cookie. If you are local and would prefer cookies delivered on a platter, I can price one out that will reflect the nature of your occasion or give you some ideas on where to find one. For cookies that need to be shipped to your party location please check out the shipping information page for detailed information and pricing. All shipped cookies are bagged and taped to preserve freshness.

(example of variety platter, all cookies are hand-painted and each on is different)

If you are interested in trying some of my wonderful cookies, or sharing some with someone you love (or just know really well), then please send me an email ( and we can chat. Please give me at least 2 weeks notice as this is not a full time thing for me and I still need to be able balance family time with cookie time. Thanks for checking out my little blog and I hope to be posting pictures of your cookies here soon.

(example of character cookies paired with cookie bites)

Payment Due Dates:

Orders under $100: For delivery or pick-up, payment is due upon delivery. For shipped orders, payment is due 7 days* before ship date.

Orders over $100: Payment is due 14 days* before pick-up, delivery, or shipment.

*Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis based on the nature of the individual order, please contact me if you need more/less time to make a payment due to rushed or large quantity orders.

Cash or check accepted. Due to the terms of the Texas Baker's Bill all "shipped" orders must be paid via check mailed to my home so please plan accordingly (or contact me) to insure payment is received before ship date.

More Examples:

Dr. Who Character Platter, one dozen cookies

Baby's first birthday platter, four dozen cookies

Logo cookies paired with matching bites.

Large platter, 4 custom characters, 1 large logo, 5 dozen custom flavored bites.

Standard cookies paired with custom characters.

Logo cookies

Variety platter, 2 dozen cookies, custom flavor.

13 colors in this order! :)

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  1. Hi Monica,
    I love what you can do to a cookie. The cookies are Amazingly Awesome.

    Ruth Hall San Diego