Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Wizard 101... 3 years and growing!

We have a small company out here called KingsIsle Entertainment that puts out an amazing game called Wizard 101. It's a massive multiplayer online game for kids (and adults) of all ages, kinda like World of Warcraft meets Harry Potter. If you aren't already one of 20+ million players then you should check it out (, you can play for free but it's only available on the PC :(.  Okay, enough sales pitch for one day, back to the story. So the game is 3 years old today which is awesome and I'm very proud of my Austin guys for coming up with something special that everyone seems to love so much. I wanted to do something extra special so I decided to make a large arrangement of cookies with all new flavors that would correspond to their 7 schools of magic (Life, Death, Fire, Ice, Myth, Storm, and Balance). I've never done this many cookies at once and I can say it was way more work than I was expecting but so worth it in the end. They ate it up, literally, and loved the new flavors.

On a side note, Texas passed a law that became effective yesterday which legalized home based baking businesses... so I'm now official and legal :) Look for way more news and changes to come, I can't wait to start seeing where this all takes me.

This is what 181 cookies look like, and this was only half!


  1. mmmm... look good!!! :) good job!

  2. I'm from Crowley, Tx and I'm a Storm Wizard on Wizard101. You did an excellent job. I'm seriously considering buying some of your cookies. Keep up the good work.

  3. awesome they look so much like the game and they sound good