Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anna and Drew are turning 4!

I got an email from my cousin asking if I could do some semi last minute cookies for her twin's 4th birthday party this week. I my first question was, "what are the kids into right now?" I wasn't quite prepared for the answer... Buzz Lightyear and Princesses... how was I supposed to combine those two things into one cookie? After many, many sketches... I gave up and decided each would get their own cookie instead. So Anna (who's favorite colors are pink and red), got an "A" with a sparkly red crown, Drew (who's favorite color is blue), got a sparkly "D" with Buzz Lightyear wings coming off of it. Then each bag got a big gift cookie as well because it was a birthday party after all and gifts are just part of the fun. This was my first time trying to play with edible glitters... I learned a lot and made a big mess in the process. These are in transit right now, I cannot wait to see how the family likes them :)

Update: Jenny (the mom) totally made my night with a comment on my facebook page when they got their box yesterday..."We just received the cookies and they are amazing!!! Anna and Drew are so excited! Thank you for making their birthday so special!! Everything right down to the packaging is just perfect!! I can't believe you got three in each bag!!!!"

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