Thursday, September 22, 2011

UnderToe is under way...

I have a friend of a friend that is starting a business down in Mexico called UnderToe ( She is going to be selling toe rings and renting Stand Up Paddle Boards along with floats for cruise ship tourists that visit the small town where she's setting up shop. I helped her create her logo which lead to business cards, post cards, beach flags, banners, koozies, temporary tattoos... you name it, there's a flamingo on it. Carolyn, my friend, wanted hot pink on everything, it was fun project. So when I came across a flamingo cookie cutter in the store the other day, I knew I had to make a handful for my hot pink loving friend. I forgot to take pictures before I gave them away so I was lucky she didn't eat them all in the car on the way home :) These were a blast to do as a just for fun cookie.

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