Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's a Girl... Monster :)

So I just have to say that I love my customers, seriously, you guys are great! I have been able to do some of the most fun cookies ever and you guys are not afraid of doing something different.

These are for a baby shower... and girls baby shower. From what I understand the mother did not want anything too girly so her best friend decided to do fun colorful monsters. They found these really cute decals they were going to use and she sent me a pic. I loved them the moment I saw them. But how to make them fit the theme a little better without going too "girly" on the mom... BOWS! We did the same style monsters, kept to the softer color choices, and added a tiny bow to each one to give it just a touch of flair. (How cute did these come out? I LOVE THEM)

On another big plus side for this set of cookies, I got to try out a brand new plaque cookie cutter I'd been eyeing for months from Karen's Cookies and finally bought while at a cookie conference earlier this month. :)

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