Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding favor ideas for a fall wedding

I've been working on my photo taking, what do you think? So my sister-in-law has a friend that is getting married in November. Her save the date cards were of the couple sitting in a movie theater watching a movie with the caption, "the best show is yet to come." Although she asked for fall leaves because of the season of the wedding, we thought we'd give them an alternate option that reflected their fun personalities and relate to their early announcements. So the above is option #1 for them to consider. The image below is closer to what they asked for, something clean and slightly modern that represents fall. I posted pictures of the fall leaves that I did for the Austin Bakes for Bastrop sale... this is why those were included for the bake sale. I really wanted to do a sample of these to send and to try out the new recipe for Brown Sugar Spice with Maple icing. The feedback from the sale was great so I feel like this could be an awesome addition to my fall line-up of flavors. This is also a preview of my new labels :)

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  1. I am the bride that Monica is speaking about in this blog post. I just received my order this past weekend...and I was simply blown away! I cannot wait to share these works of art with my wedding guests. Monica is so darn talented and creative. Thanks for making my wedding weekend so special, Monica! --Robin