Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seeds of Strength... the cookies that almost didn't happen

So this was the order of miscommunication :) I had a client request these cookies back in August but said he needed them for the end of September. About mid September I contacted him and he'd changed his mind and now wanted them in October. We touched base with him again last week and he said they were for a meeting on the 8th of this month... not a big deal so I started baking the cookies and set them aside until they were ready to decorate. Well last night my mother-in-law goes out where the client and her volunteer on Tuesdays and he asks her where the cookies were.

"What? I thought you didn't need them until the 8th?"
"Yeah, well I think the meeting is tomorrow, so I needed them tonight."
"Oh... I'll get back to you."

So she gets home and tells me the problem... "Eh, who needs sleep? I'll get them done tonight." This was at about 9:00pm and I still had another batch of cookies that needed to be baked for an order that has to go out on Saturday. So my dear husband rolled up his sleeves and helped me out with the baking and left me to the decorating. I had no clue what I was going to do going into this. I had a logo, a color, and that they liked scallops and details... that's it. Considering they were done very last minute, I thought they were a very good balance of simple and earthy. I think the 2 tone vine cookie was my favorite :)

More pics here.

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