Monday, October 15, 2012

Pirates101... coming to a PC near you

Pirates101 is KingsIsle's newest addition to their already awesome reputation of wonderful gaming. Based on the same worlds of Wizard101, Pirates101 takes the players on a totally new ride into the sky and onto custom pirate ships to battle new foes and totally new adventures. The characters are awesome and I can't wait to try it. These were created for to celebrate their launch here in Austin, the mini cookies are gold doubloons and the pink pear looking cookies are called "yum" fruit... you know... yo ho ho and a bottle of "yum!" (the 'yum' fruit cookies were actually flavored like rum). Their humor is still right on target for a wide range of age groups and I couldn't wait to help celebrate this latest masterpiece with them.

These characters, clockwise from right to left are:  Deacon, Rat Beard, Bonnie Anne, and El Toro. The portraits were about 5 inches tall and all hand-painted. 

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