Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to the King of the Grill

My father has been one of my biggest supporters of this crazy cookie adventure I've been on the past year so I wanted to try something kinda strange when it came to his birthday cookies. He has a big love of bbq sauces, Sonny's Sweet BBQ Sauce is his biggest prize. Being from Texas, land of BBQ, I had to challenge myself. These were made with just a hint of bbq sauce added to the cookie dough :) We did a quick taster with different flavors and settled on cinnamon for the icing (next time I may try root beer). It really helped cut thru the smoke in the bbq sauce and enhance the the flavors. The sauce splats are Red Velvet emulsion, one of my new favorite flavorings.

(P.S. The polo shirts with the sauce stain is a joke with my dad.  Every time he cooks, something gets on his shirt.)

I also had to throw in another set of regular vanilla Father's Day cookies... Father's Day and Birthday, on the same weekend, what was I to do.

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