Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Little Man" Party

I loved the idea behind these cookies. I got an email from someone who got my information from someone else... it was a friend of a friend kind of thing. She told me she was looking for some cookies for her son's birthday second birthday party and the theme was "Little Man." She was looking for neckties and bow ties in fun boyish colors to go with her theme. I immediately wrote her back and crossed my fingers that she'd let me have the job. She gave me the green light and complete artistic freedom to have fun with it. I couldn't find a large enough cookie cutter to do these so I ended up hand cutting each one. Since we didn't want to do plain vanilla, we decided on an orange/vanilla royal icing, they kinda tasted like an orange creamsicle when they were done, very yummy. I had so much fun planning all the fun patterns and seeing them come out. This was one of those rare times when everything came out just like the sketches. I've got a bunch more that I didn't get to try, maybe these will pop up again around Father's Day.

The mom was a professional photographer, look at what she sent me from the party... how cute does this table look!

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