Monday, January 23, 2012

Supporting my friend... Stylehouse 512

My friend and coworker, Abby Schultz, has decided to start her own business as a Personal Stylist/Shopper/Organizer, Stylehouse 512. She has done some local stuff within her area of Lakeway but as an up and coming independent stylist, she wanted to try and expand her cliental and share her love for fasion at the semi-annual Le Garage Sale next weekend, Jan 28-29. There are going to be over fifty vendors there all giving great deals, so if your in the Austin area you should check it out.

She didn't want to hand out generic candy so she came to me to make some thing fun and memorable she could hand out with her cards that would represent her style. I would describe her style as eclectic vintage. She loves color but is a sucker for pastels and lace. If you want a to read some fun commentary on fashion, check out her blog :)

Since we had to do so many of these, I decided to try stamping them with a monogram. I'd read about people using rubber stamps on fondant and figured it may work for royal icing just as well. We did a simple vanilla cookie with ivory frosting, stamped the monogram with black food coloring, and then I went back and added the scallop border to make them a little more frilly. All in all, this is the biggest order I've done of the same image (we ended up with about 210 total), I love the idea of the stamps and may have to find a way to use them more on instances like this.

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