Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cookie's Cookies

Jerry's Birthday Cookies

My friend and coworker, who I have done many cookies for in the past, told her mom about my new hobby and she decided to put me to the test. I apologize in advance for the really bad pics. I wish I had a good excuse but it was really early in the morning when I started boxing them up and I'm just glad I remembered to use the camera at all.

This set was for a friend that was turning 60. I was told his pride and joys are a '57 Corvette and a sailboat named Synchrony. His hobbies were crabbing, fishing, and duck hunting. This one was kind of fun because I could be really creative with what I wanted to do. We decided on a corvette and a sail boat of course, then a duck decoy, a fish, and a Maryland blue crab, since that's what he fishes for. I love the net behind the crab :) She said the birthday boy enjoyed them a lot... onto the next order....

ECU Tailgating Cookies... go Pirates!
The next order for Cookie was going to attend an ECU tailgating party. I'd done a few college things before but ECU had very stylized everything so this was a little bit of a challenge. We decided to use a little bit of liberty and try to embrace the spirit of ECU rather than be a photo copy of their logos and mascot. I went out a bought the skull and cross bone cutter and I found a really cute little pirate hat that we bought as well and I used on top of my skull and cross bones :)

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