Sunday, October 16, 2011

I want — Cooooookkkiiiieeesss

Okay so Karl had this get together tonight with some co-workers to watch the premier of Season 2 Walking Dead. Not many people know this about me but I officially have an issue with zombies... but only on screen. I can read about them, look at pictures, make cookies... but put them in motion on a tv or movie screen and I'm out.

Karl wanted to make something fun for the guys so we came up with this. He is actually going to serve them coming out of a dirt cake (pics to come soon). I had so much fun with these. They are custom cut from a paper stencil I made and then flipped so we could have left and right hands. I was so inspired by these that I wanted to take them on a photo shoot in our front yard :) Don't worry... they are safely resting on paper towels, the bark is just piled in front to look like the are coming out of the ground. I think I'm going to do another set of these for my office bake sale... I can picture it now... rice crispy treats, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and bright green zombie hands! Too fun not to try.

More pics here.

Update: Here is the pic of what my husband did for the party. I was told the guys used their cookies like spoons and scooped out their cake with the fingers and they just took a big bite :)
I ended up making about 25 of these by the time Halloween came around. I think next year this may turn into my first custom cutter... these things take a surprisingly long time to make but they come out really cool so it's all worth it.

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